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Recycled-Content Products

Child and recycling cart

BNQ 8952-911
Recycled-Content Products – Certification Program

By far, consumers prefer products with recycled content when making their product choices. But how can we tell if a product truly contains recycled materials, and in sufficient quantities? The BNQ 8952-911 certification program answers these questions by endeavouring to reassure consumers about the percentage of recycled material contained in products. Manufacturers can turn to the standard for information on the requirements governing recycled-content product conformity, along with certification requirements for verifying product conformity against established requirements. These requirements relate to recycled material content in recycled-content products and product marking to facilitate their identification. The BNQ mark ensures that consumers know which products they can choose with confidence. Manufacturers that have their products certified gain a valuable advantage!


Certification Offer

Marque de certification - Produits à contenu recycléRecycled-content products make it possible to create a steady demand for secondary raw materials, i.e., materials generated by recycling and used to manufacture new products. Recycled-content products encourage the development and maintenance of new outlets for materials otherwise destined for the waste heap, whether they come from pre-consumer or post-consumer goods. Because recycled-content products make it possible to avoid using primary raw materials and partially processed raw materials, they ensure better natural resource management. This program’s requirements relate to the amount of recycled materials contained in a recycled-content product and product marking to facilitate identification.