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This section will inform you about the security and confidentiality measures that ensure the protection of the information you send to the BNQ when you order products through its website. Here are our answers to some of the questions that concern you.

Could someone appropriate my credit card number to do a quick shopping spree at my expense?

No. Here’s why. First of all, only and Moneris, which process your payment, can have access to the personal data you send to our site, particularly your credit card number and its expiry date. In addition, the page to which you send this information is protected by a secure link. The servers use a high-tech encryption system called the SSL protocol [Secure Socket Layers (SSL)] to encode the personal data transmitted via the Internet with a 128-bit key. In other words, to decrypt this information, it would be necessary to break a code allowing more than one billion combinations by trying the codes systematically, one at a time. Thanks to this system, your credit card number and its expiry date become virtually indecipherable when they travel the Internet.

How can I recognize a secure link?

As soon as you arrive on a secure page, your browser will show a message informing you that the document you requested is protected and specifying that the information you send to this page is encrypted to ensure its confidentiality. In addition, your browser will also show a small icon confirming the security of the link. If you use Netscape Navigator, you will see a blue key appear in the bottom corner of your screen. Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Explorer use a padlock. Attention: a broken key or an open padlock warns you that the link is not secure.

Second prompt: when you are in a secure page, an “s” is added to the URL address appearing in your browser bar. Instead of beginning with “http”, the URL will begin with “https”. On our site, only the page to which you send your credit card number and your contact information is the object of a secure link.

What personal data does the BNQ need and why?

When you make an online purchase, the BNQ asks you for your names, address, email and telephone number, as well as the number and expiry date of your credit card. This information allows us to process and track your orders. No credit card information is stored on the servers.

Does the BNQ use cookies?

Yes. The use of cookies on websites is the norm rather than the exception and most browsers are programmed to accept them. The cookies save information concerning your visit in a small file housed on your hard drive. This information is used by the BNQ to simplify your shopping and facilitate your browsing. The cookies only store information related to your movement on our site and do not have the capacity to search for other types of data on your hard drive.

Am I still protected when I click a hyperlink that takes me to another site?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. The BNQ does not exercise any control over the operation of these sites, which all have their own personal information protection policy. Take time to study these policies and understand that the BNQ does not accept any responsibility regarding the security of the information you send to these sites. Although the BNQ applies the greatest care in choosing its partners, please note that, in offering these links, the BNQ does not wish to endorse or express agreement with the products, services or information presented on these sites.


Despite all the efforts deployed by the BNQ to protect the personal data circulating through its website, it is up to all the users to assume the risk that the confidentiality of these exchanges may be broken. This is why the BNQ declines any responsibility for contingent damages you might suffer due to information you exchange with it on the Internet. The BNQ reserves the right to send personal data concerning you if the legislation or the regulations in force so require or to protect its rights and those of the users of the website.

We care about security just as much as you do!

Security of credit card transactions is essential to the efficient operation of e-commerce. This is why the BNQ wants to make these transactions as reliable as possible. Any fault in our security system would have adverse impacts, both on our operations and on the trust of our clientele. The BNQ therefore does everything in its power to prevent credit card fraud and to protect the transactions executed via its website.

Thank you for shopping on the BNQ website!

If you have any questions about online shopping or your order, you may contact the BNQ at any time:

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