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Price of document

The price of each document, excluding the applicable taxes, is indicated in the catalogue. The price and the terms of sale indicated are subject to change without notice.

Terms of payment

Full payment is required prior to ship the ordered documents. Payment is made by credit card or, for the representatives of Quebec government departments or public bodies, by corporate cheque (no personal cheques are accepted). An invoice is sent for payment by cheque.

Updating documents

A notification by email mentioning the publication of a new edition of a revised document, amendments or erratas will be sent to the email address used for the online purchase.

Notifications and the list of BNQ normative documentmay be consulted at all times on the BNQ’s website to verify if a more recent version of a document exists or if amendments or errata have been published.

Individual electronic document (PDF)

An individual electronic document (non-network) is intended for personal use only. The number of copies you print must not exceed the number of copies purchased. Any distribution to third parties, partners, clients or customers and any saving, distribution or use on a computer network are prohibited, unless a special agreement has been made between the registered buyer and the BNQ.

Network electronic document (PDF network licence)

A network electronic copy is intended for installation on an internal network and simultaneous access to the document is limited to five workstations. Personal work copies may be printed. Any other use, particularly additional recording (saving), sending or distribution of the electronic document to third parties, partners or clients is prohibited unless a special agreement has been made between the registered buyer and the BNQ.

Stabilization of standards

A standard at the “Stabilization” stage means that its content is no longer kept up to date. This stage is clearly indicated on the document. A stabilized standard, whose status is re-analyzed each year, could remain at this stage or be revised, renewed or archived at a later date.

Withdrawn documents

Withdrawal of documents signifies that the BNQ no longer assumes responsibility for these documents. The BNQ no longer updates or guarantees the quality and relevance of document contents in relation to acknowledged rules of technology in the fields at issue. Consequently, the BNQ is no longer able to guarantee that document contents continue to correspond to present-day market requirements.


  • The BNQ’s policy excludes any possibility of refunding the costs of acquisition of documents of any nature, and their exchange, unless the person who acquired them is able to prove there was an error on the part of the BNQ.