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100% Québec Honey


BNQ 8270-905 
100% Québec Honey

Increasingly, consumers are looking for a guarantee that certain products originate from Québec, because they wish to support local producers and because they want to be sure that the products they purchase are high-quality. The 100% Québec Honey program enables producers to meet those expectations through BNQ certification. The program applies to honey produced, processed and packaged in Québec, whether it is crystallized, creamed or liquid, in the honey comb. The program is more specifically for producers and producer-packagers that belong to a regional beekeepers association affiliated with the Fédération des apiculteurs du Québec (FAQ) and to packagers. This FAQ initiative is also in response to two issues: foreign competition and the difficulty experienced by beekeepers in positioning Québec honey in the markets. To counter these problems, the 100% Québec Honey program makes it possible to guarantee the origin and quality of Québec honey, and it is based on identifying Québec honey, observing strict hygiene and safety standards, a batch-based honey traceability system and audits conducted by an independent third-party, namely the BNQ.

Download specifications

  • The specifications are available on the website of the FAQ (French only).


Certification Offer

For producers and packagers, the 100% Québec Honey certification offers a number of benefits: it provides consumers with a guarantee of the origin and quality of Québec honey, leads to new sales opportunities and makes it possible to develop new markets. In addition, it makes it possible to reach more consumers through better identification (logo) and distribution in major grocery chains. To certify their honey, producers, producer-packagers and packagers must demonstrate in audits that they meet the requirements set out in the specifications manual and certification protocol of the program. 

General requirements:

  • accountability and authority;
  • hygiene and food safety training for staff;
  • proof of safety inspection.

Specific requirement:

  • traceability.

As well, record control as specified in the specifications manual (for example, logs for the movements of bees, production apiaries) is required.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download documents required for certification (French only)

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Andréanne Bilodeau, agr.
Program Leader
Bureau de normalisation du Québec
Tel.: 418-652-2238 / 1-800-386-5114, ext. 2451
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