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Ductile-Iron Pipes – Pressure Water Piping Systems (3623-085)

Ductile-Iron Pipe

Standard NQ 3623-085
Ductile-Iron Pipe for Water Pressure Piping Systems - Characteristics and Test Methods

Manufacturers of ductile iron pipe for pressure water pipelines must take a significant number of elements into consideration to ensure to provide a uniform, safe product. Standard NQ 3623-085 addresses this need by establishing the general and specific requirements related to the physical, mechanical and dimensional properties of ductile iron pipe to be used in pressure water pipelines of a diameter from 75 mm to 1,600 mm for pipes with flange connections and a diameter of 75 mm to 600 mm for pipes with a mechanical seal. NQ 3623-085 serves as a reference to evaluation of pipe compliance. It also provides indications regarding sampling, testing methods and control methods applicable to ductile iron pipe (control of dimensional properties, testing methods and compliance control) and marking.

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12586ANGBNQ 3623-085 Ductile Cast Iron Piping and Joints for Drinking Water and Sewer Line Systems - Characteristics and Test Methods
This new edition supersedes the edition dated March 28, 2002.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3623-0853623-085A:PDFPDFEnglish2020-02-2822685 $
3623-0853623-085AR:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseEnglish2020-02-28226255 $
8265FRNBNQ 3623-085 Tuyaux et joints d'assemblage en fonte ductile pour conduites d'eau potable et d'égout - Caractéristiques et méthodes d'essai
Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 28 mars 2002.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3623-0853623-085:PDFPDFFrench2020-02-2842685 $
3623-0853623-085R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2020-02-28426255 $


Certification Offer

Pipe manufacturers interested in recognition of their products’ compliance, as well as clients, can benefit from obtaining protocol BNQ 3221-900, which establishes the certification requirements, procedural rules and marking requirements that apply to certification of ductile iron pipe for pressure water pipelines under the requirements of NQ 3623-085. By meeting the requirements of the certification program described in the protocol and the other program documents, they will ensure recognition of their products’ compliance by BNQ and their clients’ satisfaction.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

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12708ANGBNQ 3221-900 Ductile-Iron Pipe and Compact Fittings, and Gray-Iron or Ductile-Iron Castings for Civil Engineering Works - Certification Protocol
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3221-9003221-900A:PDFPDFEnglish2013-10-031M1 2018-02-053685 $
3221-9003221-900AR:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseEnglish2013-10-031M1 2018-02-0536255 $
12612FRNBNQ 3221-900 Tuyaux et raccords compacts en fonte ductile et pièces moulées en fonte grise ou en fonte ductile pour travaux de génie civil - Protocole de certification
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3221-9003221-900:PDFPDFFrench2013-10-031M1 2018-02-053685 $
3221-9003221-900R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2013-10-031M1 2018-02-0536255 $

Notice of Modification



Updating of the certification program NQ 3623-085 in reference to the standard NQ 3623-085/2002 and the certification protocol BNQ 3621-900/2013.

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