Certificate number: 3866
Initial date: 2021-02-01
Expiry date: 2025-02-28
Company: NEDMAG B.V.
Address: Billitonweg 1
9641 KZ Veendam Netherlands
Telephone: 31-598-651-911
Fax: 31-598-651-205
Reference document: BNQ 2410-300 2009-10-01
Products Used as Dust Control Agents for Non-Asphalted Roads and Other Similar Surfaces
Protocol or Scope: BNQ 2410-900 2010-01-12
Produits utilisés comme abat-poussières pour routes non asphaltées et autres surfaces similaires - Protocole de certification
Specific requirements: BNQ EP 2410-300 2010-01-12
Exigences de certification BNQ 2410-300
Product/Process/Service: Products used as dust control agents for non-asphalted roads and other similar surfaces