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Vitrine 4.0

ISO 9001 
Certification Document BNQ 6545-200
Vitrine 4.0  Certification Program

Marque de certification - Vitrine 4.0

Implemented in conjunction with the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI), the « Vitrine 4.0 » Certification Program is designed for companies from the manufacturing sector that have successfully harnessed digital transformation so they can inspire other enterprises to invest in digitalizing their operations. Representatives from model companies, certified under « Vitrine 4.0 », will share their experiences, the difficulties they encountered and the results they obtained.

The program’s main objectives are:

  • To prepare Québec manufacturers for the digital revolution by demonstrating actual cases where digital technologies have been used in factories;
  • To facilitate digital projects by connecting specialists and providing access to funding;
  • To offer visibility to Industry 4.0 leaders and their projects in Québec.

Companies that can demonstrate that they fulfil the certification program requirements and the eligibility criteria established by MEI will gain access to:

  • A visibility program offered jointly by MEI and its partners, accompanied by a communications plan (a showcase for the company’s project, regular website and social media activities, miscellaneous announcements and newsletters, etc.);
  • Exclusive access to the programs and services of MEI and its partners.

Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? (French only)

View the infographic to answer. (PDF)

Main requirements for candidate companies (French only)

The BNQ 6545-200 – Vitrine 4.0 Certification Program includes the following requirements.

Consulting the information document is important since the BNQ’s conformity assessment process requires the company to demonstrate that all the program’s requirements are fulfilled.

Firstly, the company must have carried out its strategic planning and the digital diagnostics of its technologies. Along with planning and diagnostics, a digital technology development plan must have been drawn up.

The company itself must meet certain qualification criteria.

Certain requirements concern the digital transformation project: it must abide by lndustry 4.0 principles. The project must be deployed to a sufficient level so as to be showcased, in other words, to be an example for other companies.

Finally, the company must have the ability to demonstrate that it can promote digital transformation projects and communicate its experience.

Certification Offer - Process

The certification application form gathers the information necessary to open a certification file.

The application must be accompanied by the documents listed in the Certification Document:

  • A digital diagnostic and digital development plan;

  • Attestation from Revenu Québec;

  • The description and other elements of the digital project submitted for Vitrine 4.0 certification (see the details in Clause 5.4.1 of the information document);

  • The company’s attestation that it commits to fulfilling the demonstration requirements listed in Clause 5.5;

  • File opening fees of $450. The fees may be reimbursed by MEI according to its eligibility criteria.

The documents are verified and a visit leading to certification is planned. An auditor mandated by the BNQ verifies, on the project’s premises, the conformity to the certification program requirements, through interviews, observation of activities and the work environment, demonstration of processes and a review of documents.

The auditor presents a report to the certification manager and, once the process has been successfully completed, a recommendation to issue a certificate of conformity is made.

Only companies that hold a valid certificate can display the distinctive mark of conformity reserved for this certification program.

Download the application and document, free-of-charge, required for certification (French only)

12798FRNBNQ 6545-200 Vitrine 4.0 - Programme de certification
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Certified businesses (French only)

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Partner (French only)

  • Ministère de l'Économieet de l'Innovation (MEI) - Vitrine 4.0

Certification Document committee members (French only)

Number of committee members: 7
Ms. Corinne ChabotCentre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ)
Mr. Gilles CharronProductique Québec
Ms. Sophie De CourvalMinistère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation
Ms. Lyne DuboisCentre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ)
Ms. Manon GravelMinistère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation
Mr. Yves ProteauAPN
Mr. Louis VeilleuxMétal Bernard


Daniel Gagnon, P. Eng.
Program Leader
Bureau de normalisation du Québec
Cell.: 581-990-8778
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.