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Safety of Heavy Vehicles

 Cycling near a heavy vehicle

Standard BNQ 1030-100
Safety of Heavy Vehicles

Each year, many collisions are recorded between heavy vehicles and various road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. In order to significantly reduce the number of collisions causing serious injuries and deaths involving heavy vehicles in urban areas, the BNQ has been given a mandate to undertake the process of developing a consensus standard aimed at quantifying the level of safety of heavy vehicles using a predetermined scale.

This innovative project is modeled on the Direct Vision Standard introduced in London as part of a road safety program. The standard enables a driver’s direct view when operating a heavy vehicle to be measured and the devices that reduce blind spots to be evaluated. The Québec standard will take into consideration several safety elements including the driver’s direct view, indirect vision (mirrors, cameras, and other detection devices), and the use of other safety equipment (alarms, lights, warning indicators, side guards, or any other system to improve road user safety).

This standardized methodology will enable manufacturers of heavy vehicles and the organizations using them for business operations to make judicious choices in terms of design and provision in the interests of contributing to road user safety.

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12835ANGBNQ 1030-100 Safety of Heavy Vehicles
PROJECT IN PROCESS (planned date for publication: August 2023)
12834FRNBNQ 1030-100 Sécurité des véhicules lourds
PROJECT IN PROCESS (planned date for publication: August 2023)

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