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Standard GCTTG 3001
Quality of Geotextiles Used in Road Engineering

The use of geotextiles in road engineering offers many advantages provided that strong, perfectly permeable, high quality products are used. To ensure these characteristics, geotextile manufacturers refer to the GCTTC 3001 specification, Quality of Geotextiles Used in Road Engineering, developed by the CTT Group, a multi-service centre active in the textile industry. GCTTG 3001 is the leading standard in Canada that sets requirements in this field. It specifies acceptable tolerances in variation, against a nominal value set by the manufacturer, for each of the eight physical properties associated with geotextile quality. These tolerances must be applied to woven and non-woven geotextiles, regardless of the type of polymer used. The standard also specifies the test methods applicable to product quality control.

Specification requirements


Certification Offer

Marque de certification - GéotextilesTo meet the needs of geotextile manufacturers interested in obtaining recognition of their product quality, the BNQ has established a certification program based on the BNQ 7009-910 protocol in particular. The protocol was developed under the leadership of the CTT Group. When the BNQ confirms that a manufacturer’s products conform to the program’s requirements, it issues the manufacturer a certificate of conformity. The scope of the manufacturer’s conformity certificate is based on the following three parameters for each geotextile undergoing certification:

  • The physical properties (characteristics) subject to certification;
  • The nominal value of each physical property (characteristic);
  • The geotextile’s unique identification.

Under the certification program, manufacturers must also prove that they meet the requirements governing quality management systems.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download document required for certification

12634ANGBNQ 7009-910 Geotextiles - Quality of Geotextiles Used in Road Engineering - Certification Protocol
UNDER REVISION (planned date for the new edition: April 2018)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
7009-9107009-910A:PAPIERPaperEnglish2007-12-032M1 2010-02-191460 $
7009-9107009-910A:PDFPDFEnglish2007-12-032M1 2010-02-191460 $
7009-9107009-910AR:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseEnglish2007-12-032M1 2010-02-1914180 $
12633FRNBNQ 7009-910 Géotextiles - Qualité des géotextiles utilisés en génie routier - Protocole de certification
UNDER REVISION (planned date for the new edition: April 2018)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
7009-9107009-910:PAPIERPaperFrench2007-12-032M1 2010-02-191460 $
7009-9107009-910:PDFPDFFrench2007-12-032M1 2010-02-191460 $
7009-9107009-910R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2007-12-032M1 2010-02-1914180 $

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