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Aggregates — Determining the Petrographic Index...


Standard BNQ 2560-500
Aggregates — Determining the Sulphate Swelling Potential Petrographic Index (SPPI) of Granular Materials — SPPI Evaluation Test Method

Index (SPPI) of Granular Materials — SPPI Evaluation Test Method This document sets out the test method for determining the swelling potential petrographic index (SPPI) and recommends chemical analyses that are to be performed when required. It aims to evaluate the sulphate swelling potential of materials sold by aggregate producers for use as backfill under non-structural concrete slabs inside new buildings (residential, commercial or industrial) or for the renovation of those structures. The test method applies to dense-graded material and clear stone found in quarries or from gravel pits or sandpits. The test method may be used in conducting appraisals of existing buildings, but should not be used indiscriminately as a criterion for replacing materials in an existing building.

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12550FRNBNQ 2560-500 Granulats - Détermination de l'indice pétrographique du potentiel de gonflement sulfatique des matériaux granulaires - Méthode d'essai pour l'évaluation de l'IPPG
Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 31 août 2001.
REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: July 2020)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
2560-5002560-500:PAPIERPaperFrench2003-11-282M1 2006-11-022160 $
2560-5002560-500:PDFPDFFrench2003-11-282M1 2006-11-022160 $
2560-5002560-500R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2003-11-282M1 2006-11-0221180 $

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