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Québec’s ornamental horticulture industry generates significant economic and social benefits. Québec ranks third in Canada in terms of the direct and indirect economic benefits of this industry and the jobs it creates.

The horticultural sector is divided into a number of subsectors, namely florists, wholesaler-distributors, ornamental horticulture suppliers, nurseries, sod farms, landscaping, tree growing and pruning, landscape architecture, green space maintenance, irrigation and golf course superintendents.

New trends and multiple applications of plants and associated products open the door to new markets other than consumers, in particular municipalities. Municipalities may become a key clientele for horticulture industry players.

The quality of the products and services provided therefore becomes critical, and that is the reason that the BNQ has developed various standards pertaining to this sector. The standards provide a procedure for horticultural producers and service providers wishing to give customers a guarantee of quality and reliability.

The BNQ horticulture standards also have another important quality, as they are intended to ensure that plant production, plant maintenance and landscaping projects are carried out in keeping with Québec’s climatic environment. What a good reason to find out about them!