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Food safety is a major issue for all companies in the food industry. To meet the industry’s needs in this regard, the Codex Alimentarius Commission developed the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) as a food code used as a global benchmark. The system is used to identify, evaluate and control hazards that threaten food safety. The HACCP system can be applied to every sector in the food trade provided that the sector adopts the prerequisite programs, such as proper hygiene practices in accordance with the general principles of food hygiene, the corresponding applicable codes and the appropriate food safety requirements.

Considered a necessity for managing and controlling food hazards, the HACCP system is a method that has proven and continues to prove its worth in the food sector. It also serves as the basis for all food product safety standards (for example: standards recognized under the GFSI—Global Food Safety Initiative program) and constitutes the first step in implementing such a standard.

The effectiveness of any HACCP system requires that management and employees have the necessary knowledge and abilities. This requirement means that training for the employees and managers of every organization is vital. In return, the establishment of a HACCP system offers a number of advantages, specifically:

  • Fewer losses resulting from product recalls with better internal control of risk situations;
  • Greater employee accountability for food product safety;
  • Greater consumer and buyer confidence;
  • Increased knowledge among employees assigned to food product manufacturing.


Certification Offer

Certification Mark - HACCPThe BNQ, as a leader in agri-food standardization, offers HACCP system certification to companies interested in obtaining recognition for their high quality food safety practices. Interested companies must therefore prove their compliance with the requirements specified under the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

This certification program is recognized by MAPAQ in the food processing sector.

  • Download documents required for certification

    12822 FRN BNQ 8000-001 Système HACCP - Fascicule de certification (élaboré à partir de L'approche du Programme d'amélioration de la salubrité des aliments [PASA] pour établir un plan de contrôle préventif [PCP])
    Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
    8000-001 8000-001:PDF PDF French 2021-09-21 1 69 Free
    12845 ANG BNQ 8000-001 HACCP System - Certification Document (Based on the Food Safety Enhancement Program [FSEP] Approach) to establish a Preventive Control Plan
    Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
    8000-001 8000-001A:PDF PDF English 2021-09-21 1 62 Free

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    Mise à jour du programme de certification HACCP / PASA

  • Webinar (French only)
    • 2021-09-30   Normes et certifications agroalimentaires

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