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Control of Light Pollution

Montréal at night

Standard BNQ 4930-100
Exterior Lighting – Control of Light Pollution

The industrialization of society and the advent of electrical lighting have meant that human beings now live and work day and night. Moreover, the abundant availability of affordable energy stimulated the large-scale deployment of lighting systems. However, good practices in the field are not always well known or applied, which in some cases can cause harmful effects or nuisance for human beings, ecosystems or the quality of starry nights.

In order to contribute to limit light pollution, BNQ 4930-100 presents requirements addressing 4 factors that characterize lighting, namely the quantity of light emitted, its direction, its spectral composition and its duration of use. These requirements take into account the needs and constraints specific to 4 lighting zones ranging from protected natural environments to urban environments, and 17 typical lighting applications, including road lighting, industrial or commercial lighting, architectural lighting and lighted signs.

Lighting system designers, owners and managers of lighting systems, municipal and provincial authorities, private organizations and individuals will find in this Standard detailed technical references and general practices that can guide their decisions for the control of light pollution.

-- Controlling light pollution doesn’t mean eliminating light, it means smarter lighting. --

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12723FRNBNQ 4930-100 Éclairage extérieur - Contrôle de la pollution lumineuse
La présente édition reconduit (confirme), en les intégrant, le texte de l'édition du 22 septembre 2016 et le texte du modificatif n° 1 du 1er septembre 2023. Par conséquent, la présente édition est équivalente à l'édition antérieure.
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Standards committee members

Number of committee members: 11
Mr. Robert BlythAssociation québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne (AQIE)
Mr. Rémi BoucherMont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve
Mr. Maxime ChouinardVille de Montréal
Mr. Sylvain ConstantHydro-Québec Développement des offres Énergie et Mobilité
Mr. Patrice GagnéMunicipalité régionale de comté (MRC) du Granit
Mr. Sébastien GiguèreSociété des établissements de plein air au Québec (Sépaq) — Parc national du Mont-Mégantic
Mr. Louis-David HouleEXP
Mr. Jonathan MoreauCyclone Lighting
Mr. Mihai R. PecinginaInternational Dark-Sky Association (IDA) — Section Québec (IDA Québec)
Ms. Johanne RobyCégep de Sherbrooke
Mr. Philippe VézinaMinistère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable (MTMD)


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