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Corrugated Steel Pipes

Corrugated pipes

Standard CSA G401
Corrugated Steel Pipes

The wide range of applications for corrugated steel pipe in structures means that they must be designed and manufactured properly to perform different functions. The most important reference on this topic for manufacturers is CSA G401, developed by the CSA Group. This standard sets out the requirements relating to materials and manufacture of corrugated steel pipe, spiral rib pipe and structural plate corrugated steel pipe but does not include requirements for hydraulic and structural design, life cycle, construction and installation. The standard’s requirements are divided into seven categories:

  • Materials;
  • Manufacture;
  • Quality of execution and repair;
  • Quality control by the manufacturer;
  • Handling, transportation, storage and repair;
  • Inspection;
  • Rejection.

CSA G401 also addresses the use of the pipe in question in the construction of culverts, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, subdrains, ground recharge systems, well casings, underpasses, stream enclosures, shelters, and tunnels.


Mark of conformityCertification Offer 

For clients, use of certified pipe is a guarantee of quality. It is therefore an undeniable competitive advantage for manufacturers to have their corrugated steel pipe certified by BNQ. BNQ’s certification project is based on four documents, including protocol BNQ 3311-910, which defines the certification requirements, procedural rules, and marking requirements applicable to certification of corrugated steel pipe (excluding structural plate) under CSA G401. To have the quality of their product recognized, manufacturers must submit an application to BNQ and be able to demonstrate that they meet the certification program’s requirements.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download documents required for certification

12691ANGBNQ 3311-910 Corrugated Steel Pipes - Certification Protocol
REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: December 2023)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3311-9103311-910A:PDFPDFEnglish2011-09-0112176 $
3311-9103311-910AR:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)English2011-09-01121228 $
12690FRNBNQ 3311-910 Tuyaux en tôle d'acier ondulée - Protocole de certification
REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: December 2023)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3311-9103311-910:PDFPDFFrench2011-09-0112276 $
3311-9103311-910R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2011-09-01122228 $

Certified businesses

Total number:3
1MontérégieSOLENO INC.

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