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municipal biosolids-granules

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    12857 FRN BNQ 0413-400 Amendements de sols - Biosolides alcalins ou séchés
    PROJECT IN PROCESS (planned date for publication: December 2025)


Certification Offer

The Soil Amendments -Alkaline or Dried Municipal Biosolids certification program is for manufacturers wishing to have the BNQ recognize their products as compliant. To obtain certification, manufacturers must demonstrate to the BNQ that they have met the requirements of the CAN/BNQ 0413-400 standard, the CAN/BNQ 0413-905 certification protocol and the CAN/BNQ 0413-400 certification requirements for quality management systems:

  • manufacturer’s in-house laboratory;
  • external laboratory outsourced by the manufacturer;
  • controls, measurement and testing;
  • product distribution;
  • maintaining quality after final controls, measurement and testing;
  • disposition of nonconformity;
  • complaints to the manufacturer;
  • control of manufacturer’s records.

The BNQ certification is valid for two years and requires manufacturers to undergo two inspections annually.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.