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Steel water pipes

Standard AWWA C200
Steel Water Pipe 6 in. (150 mm) and Larger

AWWA pipe standards are widely used by pipe manufacturers in North America. The AWWA C200 standard specifically covers the manufacture of butt-welded, straight-seam or spiral-seam steel pipe 6 in. (150 mm) and larger for the transmission and distribution of water.


Certification Offer

Manufacturers of butt-welded steel pipes can benefit from having their pipes recognized as meeting the AWWA C200 standard, since the certification of their products by the BNQ is a sign of quality for customers. Manufacturers of welded steel pipes that wish to have their pipes recognized as meeting the AWWA C200 standard may submit an application for certification to the BNQ. To certify their products, manufacturers must demonstrate to the BNQ that they meet the requirements of the certification program based on the AWWA C200 standard.


  • quality of materials and workmanship;
  • plans and information provided by the purchaser;
  • protective coating;
  • choice of materials;
  • welding operations and production weld testing;
  • permitted size variations;
  • preparing ends;
  • socketing with a rubber joint;
  • verification:
    • inspection,
    • test procedures,
    • equipment calibration;
  •  delivery.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.