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Guide on Public Works

BNQ 9600-100
Good Practice Guide on Public Works

The public works sector covers a range of fields involving various organizations and institutions providing services directly related to people’s everyday lives that require strict monitoring, perfect control, and a good understanding of implementation and asset management processes in order to ensure response and maintenance operations that are both effective and appropriate.

The purpose of this guide is to complement efforts made in terms of organization and training, and will enable towns, municipalities, and public organizations to benefit from a common tool for best practices to improve the various processes in all areas of public works.

The development of this guide is part of the ongoing recognition process undertaken by industry players for public works to be recognized as a first-rate profession, notably to pursue efforts in and promote the standardization of processes and procedures related to public works that are common to all towns and municipalities in the province of Quebec through training, recognition, and the sharing of best practices in maintenance and response.

The guide aims to provide information, guidelines, and recommendations to improve processes that are common to towns, municipalities, and public organizations related to public works maintenance and response in the province of Quebec. The guide will inspire better planning, maintenance, operations, and safety practices in public works in the following areas:

  • public buildings;
  • civil engineering structures and underground infrastructures;
  • residual materials, the environment, and sanitary conditions;
  • snow and precipitation;
  • parks and green spaces;
  • the electricity grid;
  • public ways;
  • municipal mechanical equipment maintenance.

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    12864 FRN BNQ 9600-100 Guide de bonnes pratiques en matière de travaux publics
    PROJECT IN PROCESS (planned date for publication: December 2025)
    12865 ANG BNQ 9600-100 Good Practice Guidelines in Public Works
    PROJECT IN PROCESS (planned date for publication: December 2025)

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