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Standard CAN/BNQ 0413-200
Organic Soil Conditioners — Composts

The use of compost as a soil conditioner is an excellent fertilization method that is inexpensive and effective. However, manufacturers must ensure that compost is safe for human health and the environment. To that end, the BNQ developed the CAN/BNQ 0413-200 standard, for compost manufacturers. This national standard describes the physical, chemical and microbiologic properties of composts and specifies the appropriate sampling and analysis methods for evaluating these properties. The standard also deals with compost marking and labelling, and associated notices and warnings. It applies to composts from various sources that are used as organic soil conditioners, sold or distributed in bags or in bulk. The standard sets out requirements regarding the following areas:

  • physical and chemical properties (moisture content, total organic matter content, foreign matter content and level of trace elements);
  • microbiologic properties (fecal coliforms and salmonella levels);
  • maturity and stability.

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8184ANGCAN/BNQ 0413-200 Organic Soil Conditioners - Composts
This new edition supersedes the edition dated May 21, 2005.
REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: Undetermined)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
0413-2000413-200A:PDFPDFEnglish2016-02-29437109 $
0413-2000413-200AR:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)English2016-02-29437327 $
8183FRNCAN/BNQ 0413-200 Amendements organiques - Composts
Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 21 mai 2005.
REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: August 2024)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
0413-2000413-200:PDFPDFFrench2016-02-29438109 $
0413-2000413-200R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2016-02-29438327 $

Standards committee members

Number of committee members: 14
Mr. Lord AbbeyDalhousie University
Ms. Susan AntlerConseil canadien du compost (CCC)
Mr. Daniel BourqueBiogénie, Division de Englobe Corp.
Ms. Pascale CantinMinistère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ)
Mr. Andrew DruryAll Treat Farms Limited
Mr. Daniel EkouallaMinistère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) - Direction des matières résiduelles
Ms. Françoise ForcierSolinov
Mr. Thomas ForgeAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Mr. Martin HérouxVille de Montréal Service de l'environnement
Mr. Ian McLachlinA&L Canada Laboratories Inc.
Mr. Karel MénardFront commun québécois pour une gestion écologique des déchets (FCQGED)
Mr. Denis PotvinInstitut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement (IRDA)
Ms. Sophie TailleferRecyc-Québec
Mr. Allan YeeCity of Edmonton


Certification Offer

Certification is the best guarantee for compost buyers. Manufacturers can have their products recognized as meeting the requirements of the BNQ certification program. The program is based on four documents, including the certification protocol BNQ 0413-205, which specifies the program’s certification requirements and rules of procedure. To obtain certification, manufacturers must, among other things, demonstrate to the BNQ that their composts comply with the requirements of the standard CAN/BNQ 0413-200, and are free of matter that may cause harm or injury, either during or after use, to humans, animals or plants.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download document required for certification

8176ANGBNQ 0413-205 Organic Soil Conditioners - Composts - Certification Protocol
This new edition supersedes the edition dated October 26, 2007.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
0413-2050413-205A:PDFPDFEnglish2016-06-2231776 $
0413-2050413-205AR:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)English2016-06-22317228 $
8175FRNBNQ 0413-205 Amendements organiques - Composts - Protocole de certification
Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 26 octobre 2007.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
0413-2050413-205:PDFPDFFrench2016-06-2231776 $
0413-2050413-205R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2016-06-22317228 $

Certified businesses

Total number:3


Martine Ébacher, agr.
Bureau de normalisation du Québec
Tel.: 418-652-2238 / 1-800-386-5114, ext. 2419
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.