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Boiler room

Standard BNQ 3650-900
Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Installation Code

Unless there are strict requirements for installing boilers, pressure vessels and piping, the risk of injury or severe burns is great. To ensure the safety of installers, repairers and owners, the BNQ has developed the BNQ 3650-900 standard, newly revised in 2013. This code, which is mandatory under the Regulation Respecting Pressure Vessels, sets out the requirements for pressure control, water supply, drainage and safety mechanisms, among other things, when a boiler, pressure vessel or piping is being installed. Note, however, that this code does not apply to non-flammable medical gas piping systems.

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    8111 FRN BNQ 3650-900 Code d'installation des chaudières, des appareils et de la tuyauterie sous pression
    Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 16 novembre 1998.
    STABILIZED DOCUMENT - This document, whose status is reanalyzed each year, is stabilized, this means that currently, and until further notice, its content is no longer kept up to date.
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    3650-900 3650-900:PDF PDF Français 2013-09-12 5 123 298 $
    3650-900 3650-900R:PDF Licence PDF réseau (5 utilisateurs) Français 2013-09-12 5 123 894 $

  • Standard development committee members
    Number of committee members : 13
    Mr. Henri BouchardCorporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ)
    Mr. Éric BunterCompagnie d'Inspection et d'assurance chaudière et machinerie
    Mr. Jean DenechaudRégie du bâtiment du Québec
    Mr. François HéonDomtar - Pulperie, vapeur & récupération
    Mr. Rock LalibertéUltramar Ltée, Raffinerie Jean-Jaulin
    Mr. Réjean LaurinAssociation des mécaniciens de machines fixes du Québec
    Mr. Pierre LebleuHydro-Québec
    Mr. Benoit MarcotteSNC-Lavalin
    Ms. Suzane MichaudOrdre des ingénieurs du Québec
    Mr. Richard RinguetteCombustion Expert inc.
    Mr. Jacques SénéchalAir Liquide
    Ms. Myriam St-GeorgesRégie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
    Mr. Luc ValiquetteLe Groupe Simoneau inc.
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