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Storage of Industrial Explosives

Deposit of industrial explosives

Standard CAN/BNQ 2910-500
Explosives — Magazines for Industrial Explosives

When explosives are stored, every effort must be made so that they do not present any hazard for people in the vicinity. It is also important to ensure that magazines for explosives are well designed against theft, with the goal of preventing the use of explosives for criminal or terrorist purposes.

Industrial explosives are high-risk explosives. They are mainly used in the mining industry, quarry operations, the construction industry, and even for national defence and police services. To respond to the safety imperatives associated with storage of these explosives, the BNQ has developed standard CAN/BNQ 2910-500.

The main objective of Canada’s new national standard entitled Explosives — Magazines for Industrial Explosives is to specify the minimum requirements for constructing and monitoring magazines used for safe and hazard-free storage of industrial explosives.

This standard is intended to serve as a guide for all stakeholders engaged in planning the use and construction of magazines for industrial explosives who hold a licence issued under the Canadian Explosives Act and the Canadian Explosives Regulations, 2013 and other regulations in force.

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12717ANGCAN/BNQ 2910-500 Explosives - Magazines for Industrial Explosives
Reapproval (confirmation) project (to Be Published)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
12716FRNCAN/BNQ 2910-500 Explosifs - Dépôts d'explosifs industriels
Reapproval (confirmation) project (to Be Published)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price

Standards committee members

Number of committee members: 15
Mr. Stephane CastonguayProtexplo
Ms. Arianne DaoustGeneral Dynamics Produits de défense et systèmes tactiques Canada Valleyfield
Mr. Domenic Di ModicaDelfort Consultants in Structures
Mr. Éric FréchetteCanadian Pyrotechnics Council (CPC)
Mr. Aaron GaltCanadian Explosive Industry Association (CEAEC)
Mr. Mathieu GirardSûreté du Québec
Ms. Andrea HardiePetroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC)
Mr. David D. HartgerinkKodiak Enterprises
Mr. Alexander HelalCanadian Explosives Research Laboratory
Mr. Hermanus HenningMinistry of Energy, Mining and Low Carbon Innovation
Mr. Cary IngramWorkers Safety and Compesation Commission of the Northwest Territories & Nunavut
Mr. Al LoanOrica Mining Services
Mr. Johnathon McArthurDepartmental Security Branch, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Mr. Stewart McCallumCanadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC)
Mr. Sebastian TowlerNatural Resources Canada - Explosives Safety and Security Branch


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