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Standard BNQ 9700-040
Spas  Customer Service

In Québec and many other places around the world, the absence of legislation or an official classification for establishments commonly known as “spas” is creating confusion. As a result, many establishments that present themselves as spas are somewhat dubious, while others offer a level of high-quality service that deserves promoting. In order to address these industry concerns and, on a broader level, the concerns of the health and wellbeing tourism industry, the BNQ developed BNQ 9700-040.

  • This standard specifies requirements for spas in terms of:
  • The quality and reliability of the services delivered;
  • The features of equipment and premises;
  • The clarity of communications and the terms used.

In this way, BNQ 9700-040 ensures that consumers receive excellent quality services and products. It applies to all types of spas regardless of how luxurious the services or the premises may be. The clientele of these establishments can include tourists, excursionists and local customers. The standard provides spas with a reliable reference they can use to help them provide the best quality services possible.

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    12665 FRN BNQ 9700-040 Spas - Prestation des services à la clientèle
    WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document is withdrawn, this means that its content is no longer kept up to date.
    12699 ANG BNQ 9700-040 Spas - Customer Service
    WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document is withdrawn, this means that its content is no longer kept up to date.

  • Standard development committee members
    Number of committee members : 6
    Mr. Maurice CoutureGPS Tourisme inc.
    Ms. Marylin DésyAgences réceptives et forfaitistes du Québec (ARF)
    Ms. Suzanne LalondeClient mystère AQS
    Ms. Julie MarchandMTO - Direction des interventions en tourisme - Tourisme de mieux-être et de santé
    Mr. Bernard MelocheOvarium
    Mr. Patrick RakeNordic Station & SkySpa
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